Tonnellerie Cadus

Tonnellerie Cadus is a premier French cooperage with a strong global reputation for quality and consistency. Located in Burgundy, just north of Beaune in Ladoix-Serrigny, their 32,000m2 of open space at the foot of the Corton Hills is ideally suited for natural air-drying of stave wood. The cooperage was founded to meet the increasing global demand for Ultra Premium barrels using toasting techniques following the Burgundy tradition.

Cadus' commitment to the ultra-refined Burgundy house style reflects their close partnership with renowned Burgundian winemaker, Maison Louis Jadot. Cadus stave wood is fine-grained French oak from Allier, Nevers, Vosges and Tronais, naturally air-dried for a minimum of 30 months. Their Burgundian house toasts are achieved with strict, well-established combinations of time and temperature over an open flame — producing subtle oak flavours and fine-grained tannins without "toasted" or "charred" characters.

Originally established to make the finest barrel available for maturation of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Cadus barrels are now used across many varietals where a subtle oak influence and fine-grained tannins are sought.

Beyond maintaining strict quality controls, Cadus has their wood legally certified by an independent auditor as being both French origin and a minimum 30 months air-dried. Also, independent lab Vect'oeur, in Beaune, performs regular environmental inspections to ensure Cadus' wood stocks, cooperage and water systems are TCA-free.

Cadus Barrels

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