Cadus Barrel

Cadus’ premier reputation for building fine hand crafted barrels in the Burgundian style is evidenced by the quantity and quality of winemakers who use their barrels. Their fine-grain French oak is legally certified for both forest origin and a minimum 30 months air drying. Cadus’ ultra-consistent Burgundian house toasts reflect strictly enforced combinations of time and temperature over a traditional open flame, resulting in subtle oak flavours and fine-grained tannins well suited for many wine varietals.


  • Fine-grain selected, certified French oak from Allier, Nevers, Vosges and Tronçais
  • Non-forest specific, extra-tight grain selection is also available on request
  • Certified naturally air dried for minimum 30 months in Burgundy
  • Traditional MT, MT+ and MT++ fire toasts (of 40, 60 and 70 minutes, respectively)
  • Offered in Bordeaux Export (225L), Burgundy Export (228L), Burgundy Chateau (228L), Burgundy Batard (228L)
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