VinOak's Australian operations are conveniently located in Adelaide, amongst some of the finest winemaking regions in the world. Newly constructed in 2009, our 6300m2 facilities contain our local business offices, customer service centre, 3700m2 modern warehouse and shipping operations. Our local facilities also house a state-of-the-art technical laboratory equipped with advanced SPME-GC/MS (solid-phase microextraction — gas chromatography/mass spectrometry) instrumentation. Our lab is dedicated to quality assurance, innovative product R&D, and providing sensory, analytical and technical customer services to aid you in pairing our oak with your wine.

In North America, our California cooperage was designed and built from the ground up in concert with R. Monnot, SA, the world's leading manufacturer of advanced cooperage machinery. Assuredly the most modern cooperage in the world, it is equipped with precision technology to optimize consistency, precision, workflow efficiency, waste reduction, cleanliness, and the assurance of product quality and worker safety. Newly built in 2009, our California facilities house a 25,000ft2 cooperage, a 4,000ft2 technical laboratory and humidified warehouse. It also contains a signature 2,500ft2 brick-encircled toasting room equipped with traditional open oak fires as well as modern convection ovens. It's here that our veteran coopers handcraft traditional, artisanal barrels and create innovative oak instruments for tanks and barrels.

Likewise, our California lab is equipped with precision technology of it's own. Our SPME-GC/MSinstrumentation is used before and after toasting to trace volatile aroma markers and analyze flavor profiles, as well as verify the quality of our staves by monitoring for potential haloanisoles, e.g. TCA, TBA and other markers. Similarly, our HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) instrumentation analyzes non-volatile flavor markers and phenolic/ tannin compounds. By conducting SPME/GCMS & HPLC analysis, oak flavor profiling and sensory evaluation in house, our technical services team assures the quality, consistency and toast optimization of our products, pioneer cutting-edge R&D and product innovation, and deliver sensory, analytical and technical customer support.

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